Trance Medium Clinic by phone

6:00pm run by Vessa Phillips - Fourth Mon

Can’t make it into a clinic in person? Then sign up and call in for aTM Healing. The TM healers heal from a vibration of white. Often the TM healers give healings from outside their bodies and will not speak while directing these silent, yet unique, and powerful healings. The readers in this program have been reading for a number of years. They live across the country and bring their gifts to seekers. Call the Dial-in number. When you are on the call with the healers, you will be asked your name, as well as your healing request. The healing will last 10 minutes. It will begin with a silent healing, thereafter, the healers will give 2 minutes of communication about the healing. Email Vessa at info@MyIntuition.Net or call 858-509-7582 to set up your appt. Please note, we are usually full 3 days before the clinic. A contribution for a TM healing is $15 for 10 minutes. (includes pp fee)

Price: $15.00

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