VESSA RINEHART-PHILLIPS, author of the book, Opening the Third Eye, the children's Spiritual Coloring Book, and host of her own television program, discovered her gift of telepathy as a child, then later fully developed her psychic abilities by studying and teaching for 16 years at a Northern California Psychic Institute.  Vessa filmed a video with renowned psychic, Uri Geller promoting his Mind Power Kit as well as a video with firewalk instructor, Jon Cotton.  Vessa presents Spiritual Abilities and Psychic Tools seminars across the country, and specializes in long distance healings and Courtroom Readings by telephone only.  She has been reading professionally for 33 years.   To reach Vessa Rinehart-Phillips, call 858-509-7582.  She charges $299 per hour.

Price: $299.00

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