Am I Really Psychic? Joe Gacoscos 6:30pm May 6, 2019

"Am I Really Psychic?"A Tele-Class on Wednesday, May 6, Joe Gacoscos at 6:30 by telephone To those who think they're psychic, have had some crazy psychic experience,  and want the validation.  I know for myself back in the day, I was asking myself, "Am Really I Psychic?".  In this workshop, learn:   How to know if you're really psychic, The different kinds of psychic and healing abilities, What's your psychic super power? Learn psychic protection tools, Make sense of your past psychic experiences, Attendees will get a free e-copy of my book as a bonus. Author of "Am Really I Psychic?" Book. Cost:  $40/$35w/RSVP 2 days prior.   Dial-in:  (646) 558-8656     Meeting ID: 403 217 0968




Price: $40.00

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