Intuitive Tools Six-Month Tele-Training Program – Mondays July 1, 6:30pm Joe G.

 This Six-Month Program includes: -  24 Lectures plus practice for you to receive & give readings and healings. (24 Classes) Reading the aura-- present, past & future, Reading past lives & how they affect you, Speaking to beings & spirit guides and how to have them help you, Answer any question asked of you using the answers within, Talking to dead people, How to de-energize life experiences that keep you stuck, Exploring the chakras, Out of body healing, Cords & communication, Repairing holes in the aura, Access the Akashic records, How to give a Long-Distance Healing, Deprogramming yourself, Forgiveness & Karma, The Astral Body, House Healing, Reading Tarot Cards, Protection Tools, Learn ways to keep your energy and not give your energy away and more. Dial in: (646) 558-8656  Or ID: 403 217 0968



Price: $1,620.00

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