Clairvoyant Program I- Anne Nania-April 2

Six-Month Intuitive Clairvoyant Training Program at Intuitive Insights School of Intuition starting on Tuesday, April 2nd at 7:30 pm taught by Anne Nania. Besides being a life-changing program, in this amazing six-month class, you will learn how to:  Read the layers of the aura & electromagnetic fields, read past lives, and see how they affect you.   Learn how to speak to Beings & Spirit Guides and how to have them help you.   Learn to de-energize life experiences that make you stuck, and get over your hang-ups!   During the six months, learn to explore the chakras & their abilities:  Precognition, Psychometry, Telekinesis, Abstract Intuition, Clairaudience, Out of Body Experience & Memory, Clairsentience, Telepathy, & Healing.  Learn how to access the Akashic records, clean out the silver cord to remember your dreams, how to repair holes, tears in aura, take out & create energy cords, increase your communication with God/Supreme Being, learn how to read the Future, Past, & Present, and read relationships and how to effectively heal people using Christ Force Energy & Out of Body Healing techniques.  It will alter your perspective in a positive way. You will get more of your own energy back, and be able to hear your inner voice better than before.
The cost of the program is $270 per month.  If you pay for the entire program up front, it is $1350 instead of $1620 for the six months—giving you the last month free as a bonus.   (If paid by credit card, there is a 5% bookkeepping processing fee that the bank charges.)  The program includes:  - 24 Lectures - One Lecture/week,  Twice Monthly Healing Clinics for you to practice reading, and to receive & give healings.

Price: $1,398.00

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