Clairvoyant Program Part I – Class #06

“More on Answering a Seeker’s Questions”

Topics covered:

  • Finding Lost Objects
  • Cords & what causes them & how to remove them
  • Reading questions
  • Body of glass
  • Growth periods

Price: $60.00

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One Response to Clairvoyant Program Part I – Class #06

  1. Shon says:

    Thank you for reading, and for your comments. The feeling part means you are not only a medium, but also empathic. I also believe you have other gifts as well, that compliment these two gifts. You can indeed further develop your abilities to also be able to see. To explain why the feelings are very strong in a place, and then going back to find the feelings no longer there, when the energy of the spirit is there, you are feeling what the spirit feels. In absence of the spirit, the feelings are also absent. You definitely are NOT nuts! It sounds like you have some interesting validation of your gifts in the way of your pictures, and those would make great additions to a website for sharing with others!

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