Going Beyond the Law of Attraction

Going Beyond the Law of Attraction  –By Joe Gacoscos,  Clairvoyant Teacher    Many years ago when the Law of Attraction first came out, I was excited. As the Law states, think more positive thoughts, and then you will attract more positive results. How simple!  I put the Law to the test. I thought to myself, “I want to manifest more wealth and abundance.”

I gleefully thought, “I’m going to be rich!”

So how did this thought experiment go?

Well, put it this way, after months of trying, I still found no more extra zeroes in my bank account.

Dejected, I thought the Law either wasn’t working, or I just wasn’t thinking positively enough to rid myself of negative thoughts.  Can you relate?

Unfortunately, a whole generation of people were also left disappointed. Many, many mantras later, they were still left without that dream car, the bulging bank account, or the beach-ready bod!

Fast-forward to today, many are still left wondering, “If I’m trying to keep my thoughts positive, why do negative things keep happening to me?”  When I look at how people use the Law from a clairvoyant point of view, the issue is abundantly clear:   Sure, I see there are the energies of all the positive thoughts you’re thinking. However, like a floating iceberg where there is even more hidden ice beneath the surface.  I also see the energies of the unresolved negative thoughts still present.  Said another way, when the Universe is looking at your positive thoughts, the Universe still sees the negative thoughts hidden underneath!

Fortunately, there IS a solution. As hundreds of clairvoyant students who come through Intuitive Insights have learned, there is a secret beyond The Secret.

In the Clairvoyant Training program, one great benefit is you learn about how to work with energy. You especially learn ways to clear any unwanted energies and old karma out of your space.

So here’s where we let you in on the Secret:  When you clear old energies out, you make room to bring new energies in.

Did you notice I said nothing about thinking more positively?  The question now becomes, “How do I learn to work with energy in that way? Am I really psychic enough?”   At Intuitive Insights, we believe that EVERYONE is born with varying degrees of intuition, psychic senses, clairvoyance, and even healing abilities. However, years of society norms have lead people to suppress these abilities.

The truth is an awakening is happening— which is accelerating at a phenomenal pace where the word “psychic” is no longer taboo. Thankfully, the magic of the Law of Attraction has opened doors to people who want to explore their intuitive and psychic sides.  Many have a deeper desire to help others heal.  Are you one of these people?  This is why Intuitive Insights School of Intuition is in existence—to serve the needs of the spiritually-seeking.  Check out the rest of the newsletter for upcoming exciting new classes held either in San Diego, or at a distance by phone/conference call.  And, do you want to go beyond the Law of Attraction to work with energy more effectively?

If YES, check out the details on the Six-Month Clairvoyant Training Program starting Tuesday, April 3, OR take the Four-Week Psychic Tools I.  Need more details or want to sign up today? Give us a call at 858-509-7582.

Lastly, no matter what your path, follow your Intuition!


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