“Starseeds” – Monday, June 11, 2018

Starseed Awakening A Tele-Class on Monday, June 11, 2018 – Joe Gacoscos at 6:00pm by telephone. These are souls who have had many past lives through multiple Universes and galaxies, and now they are inhabiting human form. For these people, they are typically super sensitive, highly functioning, but because the body feels so limiting, they are often these lost souls on earth trying to rediscover themselves.  Their karma is to take what they’ve spiritually mastered in from these other Universes, and bring that into human form as a step to further their soul’s evolution. Many of these people, who oddly enough tend to find seek psychic truth, have a deep deep calling to serve the planet.  The goal of this workshop is to give these Starseeds a place to feel validated and that being in a human body is actually a blessing.  In this workshop, we will cover:  What is a Starseed and how to know if you are one? A special calling to the lost generation of Indigos, Crystal or Rainbow children. Energy tools to ground your multi-dimensional abilities. Making sense of your multidimensional consciousness. How to be of service to the 5D awakening of the planet. Cost:  $50/$40w/RSVP 2 days prior. https://zoom.us/j/4032170968   Dial-in:  (646) 558-8656,  Meeting ID: 403 217 0968

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