Why Are Things the Way They Are?

As a teenager, I moved to California to attend college. A few blocks away from the U.C. Berkeley campus was an intuitive or “psychic” institute. There, I received a clairvoyant reading that was so surprisingly accurate that I took a four-week Practical Intuition Class and eventually decided to attend an intensive clairvoyant training program.

The program changed my life. I became much more sure of myself and realized that I could do almost anything. A couple of the miraculous events still stand out in my mind, even though they happened several years ago.

During the clairvoyant program, I accepted an accounting job in San Francisco and commuted by bus from the East Bay over the famous Oakland Bay Bridge. One day after work, the owner of the company held an impromptu party at a local restaurant. I had to leave the party early to catch the last bus home at 7:00 pm. I arrived at the San Francisco bus terminal at 6:55 pm, and stood in line with three other patrons. A man at the next bus stop told us that the bus had come and left early at 6:53 pm, and that we had better find another way to get home.

Undaunted, I created an energy mock-up taught to me at the clairvoyant center. This consisted of making a three-dimensional representation of what you want to have happen—in this case for the bus to come back and take me home. I released all of the energy surrounding this thought form which said that the bus’ return was impossible. I energized the mock-up with neutral gold energy and asked God or the Supreme Being to bless it. The energy thought drifted out of my aura to go be manifested.

Suddenly, several minutes later, the bus appeared. The door opened and the three of us got on a vehicle full of angry people. The driver admitted, ”I got to Treasure Island (the half-way point of the Bay Bridge) and I got the urge to turn around and come get you. I realized that I’d left the station early. Despite all these angry passengers who wanted to get home, I turned the bus around on the island and came back for you, which I’ve never done before!”

The three of us said, “Thank you!” The puzzled driver shook his head, “I’ve never turned around like that before for passengers.” I smiled, knowing that my energetic mock-up had reached this bus driver to create a true miracle in my universe.

Another incident happened a few months later, I changed jobs and started working in the East Bay at the federal courthouse as a deputy. Again, I commuted to work by bus. One sunny afternoon, I was walking to the bus stop and I realized that I didn’t have exact change for the fare. In fact, the only money I had in my wallet was a $20 bill. I started looking for a shop where I could get some coins or smaller bills but they all had signs in the window proclaiming: No change given without purchase.

I thought, I don’t want any food or soda. All I really want is a glass of water. (This was many years before the age of selling bottles of water. Back then, the only liquids for sale were sodas and milk.) I went into a store and decided to get a can of soda. I paid for it and received my change for the bus. As I held the soda in my hand, I thought, ”I wish this were water.”

I popped the can so I could drink it quickly before the bus arrived. Oddly, it tasted like water not soda. I poured some liquid out into my hand, and it was as clear as water. At that moment, I realized that it really was actual water. One could say that this was either an unbelievable coincidence or that my energy helped change the soda can into water.

Soon there were so many strange miracles that I could no longer dismiss them as coincidences. I continued my training and today help others realize the incredible abilities that we all possess in developing our God-given abilities. It is only a question of learning the tools, asking the right questions, and practicing what you have learned.

Taking a Practical Intuition and Meditation Class at Intuitive Insights or the Clairvoyant Training Program is one way to reach enlightenment in our modern world.   Kathleen Albear will teach the Clairvoyant I Program starting Wednesday, April 6th 2016. – Vessa Rinehart-Phillips,

Director Intuitive Insights School of Intuition


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