Leaving Room for Spirit

Although his writings are somewhat heavy handed, Oswald Chambers gave us a day-by-day study in the book My Utmost for his Highest.  Here is a loose transcription of his concept in the book, “Leave Room for the Higher Spirit.”

As servants to the Higher Spirit, we must make room for it – to give the Spirit “elbow room.”  We plan, figure, and predict this or that will happen, yet we forget to make room for the Spirit to come in – and not just in a certain way.  No matter how well we may know Spirit, the greater lesson is to learn that Spirit may break in at any moment.  We tend to overlook this element of surprise, even though the Higher Spirit never works in any other way!

Keep your life constantly so in touch with the Higher Spirit/God, that its living power can break through at any time.  Live in a constant state of expectancy, but leave room.

Sometimes we make room for the divine by stopping what we’re doing, and going within.  Meditation is a way of making room for more of ourselves as a souls to express ourselves.

Sometimes the way we make room requires the physical location of time and space – going to church service (Healing Circle), taking a class, or planning to meditate each week.

Taking a Practical Intuition and Meditation Class at Intuitive Insights or the Clairvoyant Training Program is one way to explore Opening the Door and Leaving Room for Higher Spirit.  Joe Gacoscos will teach the Clairvoyant I Program starting Wednesday, October 7th, 2015.

– Cenda Rinehart, Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Insights School of Intuition

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