The Time Is Now

As anybody develops their clairvoyance, they develop themselves spiritually.  They change their perspective on the world, and that, in turn starts to change the world around them.  It is similar to a pebble being dropped into a pond.  The pebble causes ripples which expand through the pond reaching much further than where the pebble touched the water.

So when are you going to develop your spirituality?  Most people, at some time in their lives, turn to spirituality.  Some wait to be on their deathbed to do it.  Some experience spiritual growth and awakening after a tragedy in their life, some witness someone close to them having trauma and turn inward to process, and some have a mid-life crisis to do soul searching.

What seems to matter in day to day experiences, really doesn’t matter in the big picture.  At the end of life, most people do not wish that they had spent more time at their job, more time housecleaning, or more time focusing on the physical aspects of their life.  Life, as we know it, is an illusion.  What matters is a one to one communication between the divinity and the living soul.

What does exist is your time now.  The concept of the future is an illusion.  And right now you have options on how to use your time.  You can choose to make time to focus on your spirituality and your next steps on your path.

Kathryn Schiff will be teaching the in-person Clairvoyant I Program starting Wed., October 2nd, 2013.  (Bill McKenna will be teaching the telephone version.)

I look forward to seeing you start and discover that the time is now to develop your spiritual abilities.

Heal your self, your psyche, your soul.  – Vessa Rinehart-Phillips, Founder, Intuitive Insights School of Intuition

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