How to Use Your Psychic Abilities

Before writing this article “How to Use Your Psychic Abilities,” I must first qualify the word “psychic.”  By psychic, I mean:  intuitive or clairvoyant or psychic reader.  I use these words interchangeably.  Some people are stuck on the idea that a psychic for example might be a gypsy with a turban, on a street corner—adorned with an over-abundance of make-up and dangling bracelets and scarves draped over her head and body.  I challenge that image.

To me, as a clairvoyant teacher, the definition of a psychic might be a school teacher, a computer programmer or the person sitting next to you in a cubical who can go into trance, practice the tools learned in the Clairvoyant Program and read you and “knock your socks off.”

So, how do you become a psychic?  There are a few steps.  First you need to learn tools:—spiritual tools to protect yourself from picking up other people’s energies, and also tools to release your own stuck thoughts so you can be a good reader who makes sure you are reading your seeker’s energy and not your own pre-conceived thoughts.  Then you learn to meditate in the Practical Intuition & Meditation Class which is being taught by Kathryn Schiff starting in May, July, or September (also taught by phone with Dawn.)

You learn to “go within.”  Then you connect with your divine self using spiritual tools that you are taught in the program.

Next, you need opportunities to practice.  “Can’t you just learn this while reading a book?”  Well, no, you cannot get the depth of the lesson just reading it in a book.  It would be the same as if you read a book on baseball, and did not have the experience.  It takes practical application which is provided in the 6-month Clairvoyant Program where people practice reading others.  As in most new tasks—practice, practice, practice makes perfect.

While “running energy” (a tool taught in the classes) and practicing other “psychic tools,” one gains the opportunity to recover from past experiences and at the same time deliver a dynamite reading.  Both the reader and the seeker benefit from the session.

Sometimes the question is asked, “This must be exhausting for you to read someone?”  Au contraire!  It’s actually energizing—especially if the seeker has similar past experiences.

Aren’t other people going to think I’m crazy for reading an aura or giving a spiritual healing, or talking to dead people?  Why yes, initially, they will think you’ve lost your marbles.  But eventually most people ask for a reading or share their own intuitive experience.  Besides, other people’s opinions about you are highly overrated!  Steve P. will be teaching the next weekly Clairvoyant I Program starting Wed., April 3, 2013.   I look forward to seeing you start and discover  that you, too, can develop your psychic abilities! Vessa Rinehart-Phillips, Founder, Intuitive Insights School of Intuition

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