Did You See That Miracle?

When I was 5 years old I was riding in the car with my mother. I stood on the front seat, as we did back then instead of being strapped into a child carseat. Another car ran a stop sign and hit us. Just then, a man (“our angel” as we saw him) who was driving by stopped and rushed us to the hospital. I turned out fine—just a few butterfly stitches. But while the doctor was cleaning me up, he said something I would never forget: “You are a miracle. You must have some very important work to do in this world.” What is a miracle? Miracles are all around us—some from history: Jesus and all the mira-cles he did, healing the blind and crippled, Mo-ses talking to God on Mt. Sinai, or Buddha sit-ting under the Bodhi tree meditating and experi-encing his awakening and enlightenment. Many present day smaller miracles, such as: Finding a parking place easily when going to a crowded mall or a butterfly landing on your shoulder as if to say “hello”.

Or the big miracles—a profound healing or realization. A dear friend (like a sister to me) got lymphoma so we did healings on her every day (she was staying with me at the time). She also came to the Healing Clinics and TM Clinics and in three months the cancer was completely gone. She has been cancer-free for nine years.

A few years ago my roommate’s cat, Leon, had a fatal lip cancer. The doctors didn’t have much hope for him. We started doing healings on him morning and night, and in three weeks the cancer was gone. The vet said, “This is a miracle!”

We all have important work to do. It is our job to discover our gifts and create the life we were born to live. Each breath we take and step we make on Earth at this amazing moment in time is a miracle that we are creating. Per-haps as a soul we decided to play a part before we were born. What is your work?

In the Clairvoyant Program, you learn to know yourself better and discover what your spiritual work is here on the planet—even if your physical job is not a spiritual job.

We all play a part in bringing spiritual energy to our interactions with others. If we believe we all come into this life with gifts to manifest, then all things are possible.

Just how do we want to use our gifts, abilities, and talents? It is time to discover and expand them to fulfill our purpose and divine plan. The powerful spiritual tools that are taught at Intuitive Insights in the Clairvoyant I & II Pro-grams help you learn to find your path, create personal miracles, and also to see the miracles that are happening that you might otherwise miss. These clairvoyant tools help you find your answers, get unstuck, live the life you are meant to live, and share your gifts with the world. I will be teaching the next weekly Clairvoyant I Program starting Wed., April 4 to Sept. 19, 2012. I look forward to seeing you start and realize the miracle that is YOU!

Dr. Gail Smith, Co-Director, 

Intuitive Insights School of Intuition 

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