Are You Enlightened?

What is enlightenment in the 21st century? And how do you know if you’ve reached it? It seems odd to consider enlightenment in a time of bustling about in SUVs and modern city living. Over the years of running an Intuitive Training Center, I have explored enlightenment and how to get there. I want to share with you in this short article what I have found.

First, we might explore what enlightenment is, and the question, “Is it possible to be enlightened and live in the modern 21st century world?” To me, enlightenment does not mean being “perfect”, that you never get angry or upset or disappointed, or that you remain “happy” all of the time. (After all, Jesus was enlightened, and he had a large range of emotions.) Enlightenment means that you have a powerful one-to-one connection with God AND that you have the spiritual tools to change energy to elevate yourself and others to a different perspective.

How does one reach enlightenment? Well, there are many “roads to Rome” and I will list several that I have seen or experienced. The first being, to ask the right questions. Why am I here? Where am I going? What lessons am I learning? What obstacles can I overcome? The people I have met who are truly enlightened have spiritual tools, are neutral, non-judgmental and ask the right questions in their meditations.

The spiritual tools to which I refer are the ones taught in the Clairvoyant I & II Programs. Those who take the 11-month programs and practice the tools, get unstuck.

I have visited monks in rural monasteries in Egypt who lived in caves and had befriended the scorpions living under their sleeping mats.  While riding horses in El Salvador, I met a breatharian who no longer ate for sustenance and had achieved enlightenment though fasting. I have met live-foodists who thrived on eating only living fruits and vegetables, and who had made it to enlightenment through controlling their diets. I know of a man (Napoleon Hill) who made millions and wrote Grow Rich with Peace of Mind in which he described becoming enlightened by living his universal truths.

But there is one path that is the easiest of all paths, and that is through the use of spiritual tools taught in the 11-month programs for Beginning and the Advanced Clairvoyant Classes.  The next Clairvoyant Program starts in October 2011. Hope to see you start and enjoy your own steps toward enlightenment.

-Vessa Rinehart-Phillips, Founder

Intuitive Insights Schools of Clairvoyance

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