Are You the Wizard Under the Stairs?

In the movie and book Harry Potter a boy named Harry is delivered a message about enrollment into a spiritual school.  The main character, Harry Potter, is kept in a room under the stairs by an adoptive family who doesn’t recognize that Harry has spiritual abilities.

Harry, himself, doesn’t recognize his true potential as a wizard, yet the owl and the teachers Harry meets later in the story are quite certain that he belongs to this spiritual group and that he will one day realize his great abilities.  It doesn’t take Harry long to figure everything out and start his journey as a “wizard-in-training.”

Perhaps you are also a wizard living under the stairs in your life – living in the “unreal” world with people who don’t see that you have spiritual capabilities.  Maybe you, yourself, have also been convinced that you don’t really possess anything special and your talents certainly don’t include psychic gifts.

In the story of Harry Potter through practice, determination, training and faith, Harry eventually becomes a great spiritualist and realizes his true potential which changes his life’s direction and path.  He starts to feel as if he fits with his spiritual community and can thrive rather than feel as if he is a failure in life.

Many of us have talents, characteristics, and personality traits that are unique.  Other people in your current setting might not be able to see their value, yet they are valuable in another setting or environment.

Take, for example, an individual who is especially great with animals – being able to understand them, intuitively knowing what they need, and even identifying an animal’s frame of mind (whether happy, angry, sad, etc.).  This ability would not be validated in an environment non-existent of animals or animal enthusiasts.

Harry didn’t have the support he needed until the owl delivered the notice that the wizard school was starting.

Perhaps this newsletter is a “spiritual hello” message delivered to you.  The message is that it is time for you to venture out of the hiding place where you are and seek other like-minded individuals so that you can recognize your own abilities and grow far more than you would ever have imagined.  The next Clairvoyant Programs begin in April and October 2011, and the Practical Intuition classes start in June and August 2011.

Glad to have you join us wizard!

-Vessa Rinehart-Phillips, Founder

Intuitive Insights Schools of Clairvoyance

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