Psychic Self Defense

Psychic Self Defense by Telephone with Yvonne Kirkpatrick Tuesday, October 8 from 6:00pm-7:00pm Have you ever felt tired or drained after being in someone’s company? Or have you felt heavy and nauseous after listening to somebody’s problems? Has your body become ill after an angry person projected their anger and negativity towards you? These are all signs of energy contamination. You can eliminate and prevent this by practicing psychic self-defense. In this workshop, you will learn tools to: Protect yourself from invasive salespeople trying to make you overbuy. Keep your head clear. Keep entities out of your head. Keep out people on drugs or alcohol from your field. Make sure you are not manipulated by others’ energies. Become neutral to others’ competition.  $40 or $35 with advance RSVP at 858-509-7582 two days prior.  For Class, Dial in number: 605-313-5111; Access Code: 449565#


Price: $40.00

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