Kundalini 6 wk with Shelley April 15 Mondays


A 6-week class by Telephone by Shelley Hodgen   Mondays, April 15-May 20 5:00-6:00pm PST

Kundalini (sanskrit kund "to burn", kundra "to coil or to spiral") is a concentrated field of intelligent, healing energy vital to life. This energy begins at the base of the spine and spirals up through the body and has been described as liquid fire and liquid life. It is most well known in the east where yogis and others meditate on unleashing this energy causing profound shifts in spiritual concsciousness. Kundalini is a tremendous healing energy that is always there to help. It spontaneously turns on in times of trauma, life crisis, illness or just when we need extra energy to meet deadlines or finish our workout in the gym. Kundalini can be used to clear such things as core pain pictures, fears, health issues, spiritual blocks, and stuck energy keeping us from manifesting. The ultimate outcome of clearing and accessing your kundalini energy is the ability to have your spiritual consciousness in a physical body or "having heaven on earth."

COST: $210


Price: $210.00

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