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Vessa & her staff speak to various groups on energy and how to use spiritual tools to benefit one’s life.  Vessa Rinehart-Phillips & Staff also offer HOUSE HEALINGS- Would you like a team of psychic healers to come to your house or business and clean out the energy? “Ghost Busting,”  House Healings, Business healings, Hospital patient healing visits are available for $250, and are now available in San Diego.

Intuitive Insights Party Services – Would you like one or several psychics to liven up your party? Clairvoyant Readers can read auras, tarot, past lives, and the future. Call Vessa Rinehart-Phillips to schedule Graduates of the Intuitive Training Programs for hourly rates start at $150 per hour, Call 858-509-7582 to schedule.

This Semester’s Teachers 2018-2019:

Anne N. RN – Anne Nania is a healing practitioner and a graduate of Intuitive Insights.  Anne has completed Vessa Rinehart-Phillip’s Clairvoyant Programs as well as The Spiritual Teachers and Leaders Program.  As a highly sensitive person, Anne has been seeing and communicating with Spirit since birth. Anne has completed workshops and courses with Doreen Virtue, Wayne Dyer and James Van Praagh. Anne is a Registered Nurse with over ten years experience in the hospital setting. Anne has a passion for spiritual development.  In her free time Anne enjoys spending time at the beach.

Michelle P. –  Growing up with a grandmother who practiced Hilot, the ancient art of Hands on Healing combining intuition and touch, Michelle embraced alternative modalities to healing which led her to the door of Intuitive Insights. A graduate of several programs, Michelle has the ability to create a safe environment that allows those around her to explore the subject matter with curiosity and support to discover individual strengths and overall goals. As a ‘regular’ person, Michelle serves the community monitoring and enforcement of environmental compliance. Her academic background is in Industrial Hygiene and has been working with a local enforcement agency for over 20 years. As a healer, Michelle launched her practice in Mission Valley in early 2017 and has been enjoying every moment healing, learning and having extraordinary experiences with the people she has had the opportunity to have in her life. As a former instructor at a local community college, Michelle is passionate about what she teaches and looks forward to helping you discover your own superpowers.

Lorraine J.- M.S. – Lorraine is a graduate of Clairvoyant and the Spiritual Leaders and Teachers Programs at Intuitive Insights. She has been developing her psychic abilities throughout her life, including being a student of Reiki. Lorraine has always been a spiritually aware person and recent study has created rapid growth of her spiritual gifts and healing skills. She is a talented and compassionate teacher. Lorraine is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has been practicing for over 25 years. She believes that the children are our future and lives into this purpose as a School Psychologist. She has a special connection with four-legged companions and has her own home menagerie.Â

Kristyn C. – Kristyn is a MPH and CHt, is an Intuitive Business Strategist, Lifestyle Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Retreat Facilitator. She helps Healers and Coaches build a thriving business, so they can have more freedom and prosperity in their life, while making a positive impact in the world. She combines spiritual, energetic, and healing tools (plus lots of love) WITH straight-up practical business building and life design strategies to help visionary entrepreneurs overcome blocks, find clarity, and create success.  Kristyn is also a tea lover and travel junkie (having visited more than 45 countries so far).  She has studied at Intuitive Insights for several years, and loves teaching this work.

Jodi H.- Jodi is passionate about guiding students and clients to see the higher truths about themselves. She is a clairvoyant who provides professional readings and healings, and also certified massage therapist, reiki master teacher, and yoga instructor. Jodi has spent the last 20 years honing and perfecting her many intuitive gifts. She has taken the Clairvoyant Training Program, Advanced Clairvoyant Training Program, and the Spiritual Teachers and Leaders Program. She is owner of her private practice called Healing Circus where her specialty is guiding her clients to be vulnerable and get in touch with their higher selves.

ZEIDY – Currently runs the Women’s Healing Clinic and has taught the Practical Intuition and Meditation, as well as Crystal and Angel Workshops.  Zeidy is an upbeat, gentle teacher who has completed the Clairvoyant Programs Part I & II, the Spiritual Leaders and Teachers Programs.  Zeidy also offers readings and healings.

YVONNE K. – Yvonne has a PhD in Parapsychic Sciences. She graduated from Vessa’s clairvoyant programs. She also conducts Silva Workshops. She is an incredible healer, specializing in clairvoyant massage, hypnotic touch, and is a Reiki master. Yvonne has had numerous paranormal experiences with Animal Telepathy. She also reads the energy of rocks and crystals.

STEVE P. – is a spiritual teacher and intuitive healer. He has completed the Clairvoyant I & II and the Spiritual Leaders and Teachers Programs at the Intuitive insights, and currently teaches the Clairvoyant Training Program.  Steve has been developing his psychic abilities over the past decade. He is creative and has a passion for helping others.

KATHLEEN A. – Kathleen has trained with David Moorehouse, CIA operative & author of his book, Psychic Warrior, along with Deepak Chopra in his Remote Viewing techniques.   For over 20 years Kathleen has been doing readings and healings. She graduated from Berkley Psychic Institute, been on Intuitive Insights and alternative Healing Television Show for several appearances, worked at Intuitive Insights since it’s inception, has taught many classes and workshops. She also works in the field of health and wellness.

JEFF A. – Jeff completed the Clairvoyant I & II Training and the Spiritual Leaders and Teachers, and Trance  edium Programs at the Intuitive Insights. He is a gifted teacher, healer & reader. He has a degree in developmental psychology and enjoys real estate investing, traveling, writing music and adventures.

SHELLEY H. (GUEST TEACHER) – Shelley taught clairvoyance for over 23 years and currently teaches beginning and advanced psychic development in Marin County. A graduate of the Berkeley Psychic Institute, she directed psychic institutes in San Jose, Berkeley and Sacramento. She has helped thousands of people make positive changes in their lives. She is an expert at getting psychic tools to work in the unreal world. Before fully developing her clairvoyant abilities, Shelley worked with mentally handicapped and emotionally disturbed people for the State of California. She spends her free time playing clarinet and saxophone in various orchestras and bands in Northern California.

LISA D. – An exceptional reader, Lisa teaches the Clairvoyant Program and has graduated from all programs including the Hands on Healing and currently continues her growth in the TM programs.    Lisa has taught the Clairvoyant Programs Part I & II.  She has completed many of the programs at Intuitive Insights.  She is currently offering workshops.

CODY E. – Cody graduated from the Berkeley Psychic Institute after directing the Santa Rosa Instiute, where he taught clairvoyant development, and intuitive tools to beginners. He later relocated to Colorado and started his own programs. He is an excellent reader, healer, and psychic. When he is not reading or teaching, he spends time with his wife and daughter.

CAROL MV – About Carol: Carol is a psychic medium/ healer and a graduate of Intuitive Insights. Her abilities include cord/energy work, communicating with those who have crossed over, house healing, crime detection/missing victims, and intuitive readings. As a retired teacher, Carol enjoys opportunities to continue her passion for teaching here at the Institute.

DAWN – Dawn remembers being afraid of dying in a house fire before age 3; an angel came to her and took her back to re-experience it as a peaceful passing. Her lifelong love of learning has led her to study at the Berkeley Psychic Institute (Clairvoyant, Ministers in Training, Teachers and One-to-One Programs), Aesclepion, Acupressure Institute, Center for Jewish Mystical Studies, with two shamans and more, and UC San Diego (degree in Management Science).  For 25 years, Dawn worked as a Technology Consultant, and then in her own business helping nonprofit organizations. Dawn served as an Assistant Pastor, and  was a member of the founding Board of the Interfaith Center at the Presidio. She served as a Spiritual
Midwife/doula  for 5 years at the Marin Birth Center and also with the end of life transitios.  Currently, Dawn works as an Acupressure Therapist using several modalities, both active and energetic. She has had an active practice giving intuitive readings for over 30 years.

ANTONETTE – is a graduate of Clairvoyant I & II and the Spiritual Leaders and Teachers Programs at Intuitive Insights. She practices Reiki, advanced healing techniques, hands on healing and animal healing and communication. Her passion is to utilize her healing and reading abilities to inspire others and speak to animals. She holds a degree in biological sciences and marine biology. She is an adventurer who enjoys travel, surfing, art, and nature.

CENDA  Cenda Rinehart is a clairvoyant graduate from Intuitive Insights.   A great tarot reader, Cenda has completed the Clairvoyant Program Parts I & II, and the Spiritual Leaders & Apprentice Program.  She loves animals and has studied telepathy with all creatures.    She has used her psychic abilities to be successful in many adventures including owning her own gym, traveling extensively, training surgeons during surgery for successful procedures, and other businesses.  She has been reading both animals and people and believes clairvoyance can make a difference in personal communication skills.    She has a degree in Marketing from the University of Texas at Austin and minored in music. She currently lives in Las Vegas.  She is incredibly compassionate.

VESSA RINEHART-PHILLIPS, author of books–Opening the Third Eye, the Children’s Spiritual Coloring Book, discovered her gift of telepathy as a child, then later fully developed her intuitive abilities by studying and teaching for 16 years at a Northern California Psychic Institute. Vessa filmed a video with renowned psychic, Uri Geller promoting his Mind Power Kit as well as a video with firewalk instructor, Jon Cotton. She has appeared on San Diego’s “World Peace Now” television program and on KPYA – AM 1230 radio in Los Angeles. She has her own television series “The Intuitive Insight & Alternative Healing Show”. She attended U.C. Berkeley, has a Masters Degree in Management of Non-Profit Organizations, a Ministers License from attending the seminary program of the Church of Divine Man and was Pastor of her own parish for several years–counseling individuals and couples.   She is currently writing a book about her intuitive life, along with two other books.  During September 2018-October 2019, she will not be offering individual or private sessions due to her intensive writing schedule.

KATHRYN S.– While on an extended stay in Buenos Aires, Kathryn noticed her clairvoyance became heightened. She was “called” to Santa Fe where she discovered a Clairvoyant Training Program. She started
her psychic training, completing the Advanced Clairvoyant Training, Ministers Training, and Spiritual Teachers Program at The Center For Inner Truth in Santa Fe, New Mexico and later taught classes. Kathryn is an Intuitive Counselor, Teacher, Clairvoyant Reader, and ordained metaphysical Minister. She specializes in helping people with stress, illness, and manifesting. Kathryn has also owned and operated a commercial
photography agency and recently relocated to San Diego and enjoys spending time with her family.

Rene F.- is a gifted intuitive healer and psychic. Since she was a child she possessed a “knowingness” about events and people around her. Rene has been developing her healing and clairvoyant abilities for over 20 years. She is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified massage therapist, Reiki Master, I’O Master, Certified Hypnotherapist and graduate of the Clairvoyant Programs Part I & II and Spiritual Leaders and Teachers. She also has a BA in Communications from UCSD. Rene currently offers readings and healings.

Bill McK. –  has completed the Clairvoyant I & II Training, the Spiritual Leaders and Teachers Programs, and the One to One Program at Intuitive Insights.  He is a gifted teacher, healer & reader.   He regularly communicates with the Ascended Masters, and applies his psychic abilities to his life on all levels. Bill  has recently written a book titled The Only Lesson We Are Here To Learn and has a degree in liberal arts and enjoys meditating,  traveling, investing, flying his helicopter around San Diego and up the coast, and time on his yacht.

Joe G. – is a gifted intuitive healer and psychic. Since he was a child he possessed a knowingness about events and people around him. Joe has been developing his healing and clairvoyant abilities for over 20 years. He is a graduate of the Clairvoyant Programs Part I & II and Spiritual Leaders and Teachers. Joe currently offers readings and healings and is teaching Clair I, II, & Spiritual Leaders plus Men’s Intuition and Energy Is Real Workshops.

The Intuitive Insights Center is located at 4455 Morena Boulevard, Suite 106 & 108, San Diego, CA 92117. To reach Vessa Rinehart-Phillips, call 858-509-7582.


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