What Makes You Significant?

If you think about 100 years from now, none of us will be here in these bodies, and life will go on without us.  The sun will rise and the rain will come without us.  This fact might make you feel insignificant, along with the fact that our solar system is only .01% of the universe, so why do we matter?  Actually, we do matter.  While we are spirits here occupying bodies, we have a consciousness and soul, and we are the consciousness that is manifesting the universe with our thoughts.

The true soul part of yourself is the part of you that is spirit.  (I am using the words “soul”, “immortal”, and “spirit” interchangeably.)  It’s the immortal part of you that never dies.  When you look in the mirror and focus on your eyes, look to see that inner flame – that spiritual part of your nature looking back at you.  That immortal spiritual part of you is inhabiting the body, which is a tool for the spirit.  The real soul part of you is not “beneath” or “below” anyone.  It is fearless, so walk confidently and stand tall.

We all make up a piece of a larger consciousness.  We are all spirits and of the same source.  Yet everyone has a unique energy and a unique gift.  It is better to focus on your gifts and not on your weakness.  Other people in the world will compliment your limitations.

One of our purposes for being here is to develop our strengths and give them to the world.  When we do that, we become a “timeless” being.  We lose track of time.  Sometimes people tell us that they are “running out of time.”  I tell them to think about the concept that we have enough time, rather than we are running out of time.

To be in “present time”, focus on who and what is in front of you.  Being present and aware is where your strengths and power are.  The best way to prepare for the future is to be in the present and aware.  How does one do that, you might ask?  By learning to meditate in the Practical Intuition Class or the Clairvoyant Program is one way.

Think of your body as an energy field.  One way we increase our awareness is by meditating.  We also increase our mental capacity by learning new things and concepts which help us to be more aware that we are spiritual beings – manifesting with our thoughts to have significance in the world.

Learn to meditate in the Practical Intuition Class or Clairvoyant Program and then monitor your energy.  Kathryn Schiff will be teaching the in-person Clairvoyant I Program starting Wed., April 9th.  (Cenda Rinehart will be teaching the six-month telephone program starting on July 10th.)

– Vessa Rinehart-Phillips, Director, Intuitive Insights School of Intuition

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