Open Your Third Eye with Forgiveness

This is Day 4 of following Dr. Oz’s 28 day Mind-Body-Spirit protocol and today is all about Forgiveness.

Most people think that forgiveness is something you do for someone else, but forgiveness is a gift you give to YOURSELF, not to another person.  When you forgive, you release the poisonous toxins in your body that can cause cortisol production–which can lead to bad diseases. 

When you forgive, you also start to be, live, and act in the present.  You free your energy up from the past.  When you cannot forgive, some of your energy lives in the past.  You will not be able to have your full powerful energy in present time because some of your energy and power is stuck in the past. 

Who can we forgive today?  Think of someone and release the anger, hostility and let go of the toxins in your body.  Imagine the energy releasing as if it is a particular color flowing out of your body into the gravity-absorbing earth.   Imagine your body stopping with the production of cortisol.  Let it go.  Always remember to bring in bring new colors to replace what you’ve released.  Think of golden bright energy coming back to you–energy which has been freed up.  

Today is the day of the new Clairvoyant Program.  I’m so excited to meet you and share what I’ve learned and see you change!


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2 Responses to Open Your Third Eye with Forgiveness

  1. Valerie says:

    I was just reading a page on your site regarding “removing the veil”.

    When I was younger, I was very sensitive… then I started getting scared because dark things were noticing me. Something very frightening happened to me, so I literally envisioned a hallway with many open doors – I slammed every door shut – and since then, I’ve barely had any “feelings” besides what my imagination conjures up. Lucid dreaming has remained; but I have no control over it. Since my Mother passed, I’ve been feeling that “magic” around me. Before she died, I asked her to come to me in my dreams if she could when she passed- and she did – once. I’m older; more mature… I feel her around me all the time; I feel something else too… an strange and wonderful awareness that I can only slightly feel and barely understand. But I also fear that darkness and feel like there’s a part of me that is working against me… like if I tell myself not to think of something terrible, my mind will automatically do it! I sound schizophrenic, I know! I would love to focus on how to be more in tune with the “magic”… but I’m so afraid of my own dark thoughts and fears inviting something in that I simply can’t control. I’m wondering how I can learn to control that better…

    • vessa says:

      Hello Valerie,
      You probably are still very sensitive to energy. You would really benefit from the Clairvoyant Program to teach you some tools to protect yourself from picking up others’ energies. Also, we teach tools to work with spirits in a postitive manner. We will be starting a telephone Clairvoyant Program in October. Thank you for blogging. -Vessa (Director)

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