Handling Problems That Seem Insurmountable

Sometimes a problem comes up that seems insurmountable and you wonder how you are going to get past it since you are thinking about every waking hour of the day. You can hardly sleep at night with the present issue. If this is happening to you, I recommend a few techniques to handle or “deal with” the problem. First, remember that problems are created as an opportunity for you to grow, and right now, this is a sign you are growing spiritually. Then, think back to an earlier time in your life–maybe ten years ago and see if you had an insurmountable problem then that you solved. For a moment, realize that you are going to get through this problem too!
Next, imagine putting the problem into a rose and explode it. This takes the “charge” or “energy” off of the issue.
Now imagine the best thing possible happening. I like to picture several “best things” so it can manifest in the highest possible manner.
Lastly, turn it over to God and ask God to work on it.
Now get some sleep!

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