A Question Worth Contemplating

Imagine if you could go forward a 100 years into the future as a soul—you may be living in a body or not. Imagine all the knowledge and wisdom you have, coming to visit yourself today, as you are. As a spirit, there really is no time and space continuum.

What advice would you give yourself on your current thoughts, how and what you think about? What would you tell yourself not to think about or worry about currently that will never come to fruition? What would you tell yourself to do on a physical level? And what would you tell yourself to do spiritually to help yourself progress as a soul?

Perhaps our purpose here is to wake up and be conscious as a spirit–connected to source energy while we occupy a body. It’s time to stop defining who you are by a job, or a relationship–and see yourself in a different light, of a soul having an experience through a body.

Let’s make the assumption for the moment that reincarnation is real. We progress by taking bodies, learning and growing as a spirit while occupying a body, and then reuniting more fully with God after taking many lifetimes.

If this were so, when do we get to the point of not having to take another body? When do you get to the space of joy, unconditional love, knowing yourself, and staying in the frequency of light?

In the Clairvoyant Program, we cleanse our soul by de-energizing stuck thoughts. We release karma, a sort of Baptism—being a child who comes into this world with enthusiasm for learning. Through our classes, we become aware of ourselves as a spirit, use our intuition, stay in touch with our inner self. We begin to transcend competition, hate, and fear. We learn to let go of attachment, and start to see ourselves and others as spirits having a human experience.

Asking the right question, helps you progress. What is it you still need and want to do? Who or what needs to be cleared, completed in your energy? How do I become closer to God?

Going through the clairvoyant program may look like a fun thing to do. After all, learning to read–which is definitely a result of the programs, and other things such as speaking to spirit guides, talking to dead people, de-energizing stuck thoughts in your head, accessing the chakras, working with the Akashic records, and healing yourself and others is an impressive list of abilities you develop. However, there is something more profound than a list of accomplishments: You start to change the way you view yourself, others, life, and you see yourself in a way you have never imagined. It is a fast-forward course to your progression as a soul to know yourself and God–you could say, you “ascend.”

A good place to start is by taking Practical Intuition, or Women’s Intuition or diving in toward life-changing reality by enrolling in the Clairvoyant Program.

-Vessa Rinehart-Phillips, Co-director

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