Jesus Appeared in Karillion Photography

Karillion photography is a means of taking pictures of the nonmaterial world without a camera. It provides a way of viewing the unseen patterns of energy and force fields that permeate all substances. Some people claim that the technique can serve as a medical diagnostic instrument, too. The beauty of Karillion photography is that it makes psychic phenomena real.

How it works: The equipment which produces the Karillion photographic effect uses no light but only the radiation spark discharging from an object being photographed on a film emulsion. The equipment consists of a metal plate and a generator or oscillator that produces a high voltage field of variable pulse and frequency. Film put in contact with the plate and with the object on top of it causes a photograph to be produced. Depending upon the type of film used – instant color film, 35-millimeter black and white film, or something else with an emulsion that records images – different colors or shadings appear in a brilliant corona surrounding the object.

When I worked for a psychic institute up north, we put on psychic fairs almost every weekend at various locations around the San Francisco Bay Area. My friend, Pat, was in charge of marketing the fairs, and thought up an idea to rent a Karillion camera to photograph the aura.

The aura is the colorful magnetic field that surrounds every living thing. Using this camera, one can see the colors of the aura. Even though Pat was a good reader, she wasn’t sure that these cameras were real, but she was going to give them the benefit of the doubt and rent one for the weekend.

At the psychic fair in Golden Gate Park, many people wandered in, bought tickets and got a reading. Two girls came in and one went to get a love life reading. The other stood at the side of the fair and observed the 400 readings going on. This girl, I’ll call Barbara, was fascinated with the Karillion photography booth. She watched many people get a photograph and then sit down and get an aura reading on the photograph.

Barbara finally got up enough nerve to ask Pat if she could get a photograph without getting a reading. Pat said yes, and the lady paid for the photograph. Barbara was extremely Catholic and even though she was curious about the aura, she had been taught that practices that were not Catholic were considered a sin. She put her hands on the electrical pads as Pat instructed, but then closed her eyes and started quietly praying,

“Dear Jesus. Be with me here. I praise and love you. Bless me as I go through this process.” She chanted again and again. Pat reassured here that she would be okay and she would give Barbara the photo as soon as it was finished.

Pat waved the drying Polaroid in the air as she smiled and talked to some other passersby who were exploring the psychic fair.

As the picture got clearer, Pat glanced at the photo, and then stared at it with wide-eyed scrutiny. It seemed that Jesus had appeared in the photograph over the lady’s left shoulder. Pat was speechless only managing to squeak out an excited word, “Look!” as she showed the photo to Barbara.

Barbara looked at the photo and jumped up and down. “I’m loved. I’m loved. Jesus came. He loves me.” She grabbed the photo and disappeared into the crowd to find her girlfriend she came to the fair with.

Pat stood up to tell the story during the clean out. She still could barely talk because she had a new level of belief of her abilities as a result of the photo.

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