Removing the Veil: Talking to the Other Side & Reconnecting with Your Loved Ones

We live in a time where we are speeding up our spirituality. Everywhere on the planet, we are opening up to hearing about our past lives, our energy; you could say that we are in a Spiritual Renaissance or a period where we are unveiling what is hidden inside of us. We, as humans on earth are becoming awake.

Another event that is happening is that the veil between the spiritual and physical is being diminished, to the point that there is often no veil or separation at all between the other side and this side. They are becoming one and the same.

Popular Mediums, like John Edwards and James Van Prague, say that your deceased friends and loved ones are trying to connect with you, sometimes once in a while, and sometimes all the time. I’d like to teach you some techniques so that you can communicate with the other side without the help of a medium.

I have been practicing spirit-to-spirit communication for many years, and some of my best teachers have been from the other side. They have instructed me how to hear them better while I was reading a client.

The way I see it as a clairvoyant, is that the beings who have passed over to the other side, are at a different vibration that those beings who are currently occupying a body. It is only a matter of either you, changing your vibration to match them, or them changing their vibration to match you, and sometimes both beings meet on common ground, for example in your dreams, where it is easy for you to hear the deceased and for the deceased to communicate with you.

It is important to become clear so that you can hear the being that you want to connect with. If you are all cluttered up, then it is difficult to hear and you start to put your own thoughts and impressions into the communication. Once, when I was speaking with a lady’s deceased father, he told me that I had lots of energy blocking my communication with him. He told me to use spiritual tools I had learned previously to start to clean out my aura so that I could get the message for his daughter.

Remember energy is never Good or Bad, it’s just either yours or Not Yours.

If it is yours, it works great in the body, if it is not yours, it can mess you up, make you unclear, or lose confidence in your ability.

Put your feet flat on the ground, and take a deep breath then let it out. Close your eyes, but don’t drift off. I’d like you to stay present and clear inside your body.

Imagine a bright light at the base of your spine. This is your Survival Energy center/also known as the first chakra. Now create a hollow tube connected to this spinning ball of light. Extend the tube down to the center of the planet. Anchor yourself and plug into the planet. We are now going to activate the gravitational pull. Feel the pull of gravity pulling your body into the chair, and also pulling any energy that is not yours out of you. Imagine seeing stuck thoughts and energy draining out of you. Postulate that you’re just letting go of it in no effort. We’re on a healing planet that absorbs with gravity and returns energy to a neutral state.

Once we release we always want to replenish our energy field so that whatever we released doesn’t get recreated. See a giant sun above your head. Postulate that this sun is a magnet bringing back your life force energy from all the places you have left it, from home, work, or from solving something. Bring it in and fill in the cells of your body.

Next we’re going to get rid of energy blocking your Clairaudience. Clairaudience is your ability to hear spirits. Most of the time, this ability is stored in your fifth chakra in your throat and in the sixth chakra in your head.

Let’s imagine an empty box. And in this box, we’re going to throw out all the times we’ve thought that we were unable to communicate with spirits without bodies…

First make a place, like a chair beside you. It could even be an imaginary chair. Start by calling your relative by name. Imagine your deceased friend coming into the room. It’s been my experience that most of the time when I call someone they come to visit.

Teach your spirit friend to talk to you from outside your head – meaning that you imagine a transparent plate of glass between you and your friend. That way you are teaching them about space. You have your space and they have their space…. as if you are in a bubble of your energy and your friend in spirit form is in his or her bubble.

Sometime when you first start to be open to communicating with spirit, there is someone else that you knew, that might be anxiously awaiting your communication. This other person might have been waiting for you to be open to hearing them and they jump in the way to try to get their message across. It’s as if they are jamming the doorway to communicate with anyone else.

Don’t resist this from happening. I first talk to the anxious spirit to see what they have to say or show me. Then I go back to calling in who I want to speak with in the first place.

I ask the being to change their vibration so that I can hear them. This might entail them lowering their vibration or matching your vibration. It’s as if they have a radio frequency and we tune into it together.

Once I feel that they are tuned to my vibration, I ask for an identifying object or thought that I might recognize that they are here. This thought should arrive in your mind in a matter of seconds. I often ask for a second identifying thought, so that I can recognize them too.

When I speak to my mother for example, she identified herself by showing me her hair, which was very different hairstyle from anyone else hair that I had ever seen. When I asked her for a second thought to identify her, she showed me a picture in my mind of the office she worked at in Texas.

I also do this when I am reading someone else. After I ground myself, clear my own thoughts, and replenish my own life force energy. I ask my client to tell me the name of the person and their relationship. I often have them say their own name to me too so I can separate their energies. Sometimes there is quite a bit of energy from the deceased person in my client’s aura. I make a separate balloon next to my client for the spirit without a body to move over to, so they are not merged with my client.

The first time I practiced with a friend, I asked a friend of mine, Linda, if I could connect with a dead relative of hers to see if she had any messages. She said, “Sure, would you contact my deceased Aunt Luanne.“ I asked this lady to appear in a bubble I had created for her off to the side of her. Once she appeared in the bubble. I noticed that her colors were bright colors along with a pastel color. I asked her to show me a thought or photograph of something that my friend, Linda, could identify, immediately I got the thought of a Blue china teacup.

When I told Linda about the teacup, she exclaimed, “It’s on display in my China cabinet. That’s the only thing that my aunt left me!” Once I established that this spirit was her aunt, I asked her if there was anything she wanted to tell Linda.

Aunt Luanne communicated in pictures and feelings and not in words. It is not always as easy to understand. She showed me that Linda’s daughter would be okay in the new school, and that Linda would find a job soon and not to worry about finding it, otherwise the energy of worry slows down the hiring process.

Linda told me later that she was sending her daughter to Catholic school and she was worried that her daughter would not like it, and that she had been seeking employment and was worried that she wouldn’t find anything.

Don’t invalidate yourself if the message is not so clear, because often it’s the messenger who isn’t clear. Some are better communicators than others.

Once I was haunted with deceased poets that wanted me to put together a poetry CD and recording of famous poems. After I recorded it and distributed it to poetry enthusiasts, the entities did not bother me anymore.

Extra pointers to communicating with the other side:

1.) Tell them to visit you in your dreams or on the astral plane.

2.) Give them a job to help you with — getting a raise, getting a date or relationship.

Speaking to the deceased improves with practice. You can practice by yourself or with your friends. Speak to as many of your friend’s deceased relatives as possible and say hello to them from me!

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