Beings, Entities, Ghosts, Spirit Guides Demystified

“I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost” says the once popular song from the movie, Ghost Busters. So often I meet people who are afraid of these beings, entities, spirits or ghosts because they fear that these spirits have power over them. They don’t even want to talk about them since they are so fearful of them. If a person originally had the ability to see beings as a child, they start to turn off their ability to see entities or they start to ignore them and pretend like they don’t exist. They also think that if they acknowledge beings, entities or ghosts, then they might be closer to evil. Not all beings are evil. You are always senior to an entity in your own space. There are many types of beings, and none of them have power over you if you have the proper tools.

We, as humans, are also beings. We are spirits who have chosen to occupy a body and incarnate here in this world. When we die, we become beings without bodies. Therefore, spirits without bodies are much like people, some are enlightened and some are not. Every being has personality and interests whether it is in a body or not.

One of the myths about spirits is that they know everything from the reason for our existence to today’s lotto winning numbers. In actuality, they are much like us, each having an expertise, since they are able to transcend time and space, they can reach other planes, yet most of them do not know what subjects are important to you or what is going to happen next.

Since beings, entities, spirits, and ghosts do not take a physical body, people experience them differently either by seeing them in your mind’s eye, feeling their connection into your body, hearing their voices in your head, or occasionally actually seeing them with the naked eye.

Let’s explore some of the various types of beings. One of the most enlightened types of entities is a Healing Master. These beings have an energetic agreement with us to give healings by changing energy in your charkas, or energy centers and your aura, the space two feet around you. The healing master can be trained to connect into the back of your hands and send neutral healing energy, which usually looks gold, through the hand chakras. This neutral healing energy cleans foreign energy out of you or a person you are healing (also called the healee or seeker). You, as the director of the healing, remain neutral. You do not need to use your own life force energy to heal, but instead let the healing master do the work. This creates an incredibly powerful healing, since you are acting as a vehicle for the healing to occur. Since the Healing Master does not operate in the time and space plane as we humans do, they are able to transcend blocks enabling us to boost our ability to heal ourselves.

The healing master knows about healing and we train our healing master about our bodies. Even some of the most enlightened spirits forget what it is like to have a body, and they need to be reminded of simple rules to be most effective and operate safely. The healing master, as well as all spirits, should be told to come in only when called, and leave when they are told to leave. No entity should have free reign over you to control your schedule or body. Of course, you can instruct them to come in and warn you of potential danger, then leave after the warning.

The Healing Master can be instructed to plug in only to the hand charkas and match your energy vibration, therefore making it easier for you to facilitate the healing. The being should not come fully into your body; otherwise spirits tend to leave their energy in your body that can cause diseases or pain.

Next, let’s talk about spirit guides. Almost everyone has spirit guides around him or her. Some of these beings are helpful. These beings can be experts at protecting you as a guardian angel. They can help you find lost objects. Just like humans, they can be experts in particular topics. It is possible to outgrow your spirit and they are no longer serving or guiding you. How would you outgrow a spirit guide, you might ask?

Say you were an Indian in another lifetime and you lived in South America several centuries ago and you had a spirit guide that helped you fight. It would tell you where to hit at the spur of the moment. It would come into your body and help you fight. It was very helpful at that time. Then you incarnate in this body where it is a felony when you kill somebody. Your spirit guide is still with you and wants you to fight until death. It was really helpful in the other lifetime and but it might not be helpful now. Agreements that are spiritual in nature tend to stay with you when you incarnate.

To better communicate with your guides, set a chair across from you, sit quietly and ground yourself to the center of the planet. Release any thoughts and clear your mind. Ask your guide to sit in the chair. With you eyes closed to help you access your sixth chakra, say hello to your guide and ask its name. The first name that comes to you is usually the correct name. Ask the guide if it wants to be released from the old agreements. If not, show it your current life issues that it can help with.


There’s so much controversy about angels. Recently they are very popular, and they are letting their presence be known. They are beings that have a special agreement with God, the Supreme Being, to help with certain situations, help a person grow, or help a person in a transitional time. Angels have assisted people from killing themselves or help someone navigate to safety in a car to avoid an accident or some dramatic time.

Occasionally, angels will team up and form a group of angels. This is called a council. These councils assist in guiding a person on their path, but do not interfere much. They’ve been making a comeback in the last 5 years. It’s time for people to see this.

Cosmic Cops

You can call them police beings or Cosmic Cop beings. About 1 in 100 or 150 have a cosmic cop. It is usually a person who in their last life or the lifetime before, have destroyed themselves or many other people. They were a heroine addict, opium addict, or they blew themselves up and everybody around them, or they did something really destructive so they’ve got one of these police beings. Cosmic Cop’s are not guardian angels. It’s a being that sticks with you and keeps you on the straight and narrow path. As soon as you start to go off, it just forces you to go back on the path. These beings are not very polite or friendly. They have a job to do and they do it. A lady named Barbara once came into the institute where I worked up north, accompanied by two of her coworkers. She and her two friends worked at a bomb factory. Barbara had suddenly developed Narcolepsy – a disorder where the victim falls asleep unintentionally. The strange thing was that Barbara could stay awake most of the time, but suddenly at work she fell asleep. A clairvoyant student read her and discovered that she had destroyed many people with a bomb in a prior life and now she had a cosmic cop that would knock her out every time she started to help make a bomb.

Demons, devils and lower level entities do exist on the planet. When you learn psychic tools, you can have seniority over them and direct them away from yourself. These beings thrive on fear, pain, and punishment. The important thing to remember is that you, the owner of your body, always have seniority over your body. In other words, you can be more capable than they are, so there is nothing to fear. A good exercise to do when you encounter a lower level being is to imagine a gold line of energy. Envision connecting it to the top of the negative entity. Take the other end of the cord and give it to God, the source. Ask the Supreme Being to take this entity away so you can be at peace. With this, the Supreme Being will respond and you can finish singing, “I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost!”

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