Spirit to Spirit Communication

Nothing is more powerful than a spirit-to-spirit hello. Saying hello to people’s souls is an acknowledgement to their essences, their energies not to their bodies. This form of communication can be given by sensing the brightest color in their aura and saying hello to that as a vibration. This way of communicating can be an acknowledgement of a greeting in which you don’t really want or need anything from them.

In the clairvoyant program, students learn to say hello to a person as a soul and not just as a body. One way a student does this is by creating a gold rose, putting in the word “hello” and sending it to someone else in the room. The student had drained his or her energy off of the rose so the salutation is completely neutral without judgment. He or she sends it though time and space imagining it going over from the center of his or her head. The gesture is one of appreciating the spirit, “Hello. I see you.”

When I was a student in training, I decided to try out this ability while driving my car. I came upon an intersection and saw the silhouette of a man in the next lane driving a pick up truck. His window was about two feet in front of mine at the intersection and he could not see me, and I could not see his face because of the positioning of our vehicles. I envisioned saying hello to this man’s soul. The light then turned green and we both sped off to the next junction. I quickly let go of what I had done and started to think about other things. I turned and drove four blocks and parked my car in the parking lot of my destination.

As I emerged out of my vehicle, a man I did not recognize pulled up in front of me as I walked towards the sidewalk. He rolled down his window and inquired, “Excuse me. Did you say hello to me?”

I was startled. “Well yes, I did,” I said. He smiled and wanted to know what I wanted when I said hello to him. He seemed as bewildered as I was.

Lewis Bostwick, who started several psychic institutes in California, once attended a renaissance fair with his wife’s family. Her brother-in-law told Lewis that he didn’t believe in psychic abilities or in clairvoyance. Lewis usually wouldn’t try to prove himself, but this time, he decided that he would. As the six of them made their way though the thousands of people at the fair, Lewis whispered into the ear of his brother-in-law, “Did you see that lady in the green dress that just walked passed us? I’ll say hello to her and she’ll come back through the crowd to see us.”

The brother-in-law rolled his eyes in sarcasm, murmuring, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Within a few seconds, the lady in the green dress tapped Lewis on the shoulder and said, “Did you say hello to me?” The brother-in-law was shocked. He wondered if it was a trick, yet he had seen it with his own eyes.

Sometimes clairvoyant readers are asked how it is that they can read someone over the phone? Because of the ability of spirit-to-spirit communication, looking at someone’s body is not necessary. You can also speak to someone telepathically who is in another country. When a reader trained at the institute learns to read, he is asked to close his eyes in order to access the sixth chakra. However, closing your eyes, also aids in tuning into the seeker as a spirit and not to his or her body.

When I first was teaching clairvoyant classes, I would lecture in the in the evening, but work at an office doing accounting in the daytime. My accounting boss, named John, knew that I had a second job helping people to develop their intuition. He was also a doubting Thomas, not believing that there was any validity to clairvoyance. One day while I was doing my work, John came over to my desk and started to invalidate the authenticity of spiritual abilities, even though he was a good Catholic. I, too, suddenly got the urge to play the game of “Prove It” with John. John had fired an employee a few weeks ago named Steve, so I told John that I was going to transcend time and space and contact Steve spirit to spirit and ask him to call me at work while he was standing at my desk. I tuned into Steve as a color. He was vibrating at a beautiful turquoise blue. I silently said, “Hello Steve. Please call me at work.”

John heckled me and walked started to walk away from my work area. When he got about ten feet away from me, the phone rang. I picked it up and it was Steve. In disbelief, John rushed back towards me and grabbed the phone from my ear.

“Steve?” he queried. After John realized it really was Steve, he became awkward, because he was speaking to an employee that he had fired. He handed the phone back to me. Steve told me that he was sitting at home and unexpectedly got the message to call me, his former co-worker.

Sending a spirit-to-spirit hello is not an ability that can only be done by a few people, but can be done by everyone. It takes some practice to truly give someone an acknowledgement without intention or energy attached to it. Send someone a spirit-to-spirit hello today and start to develop this for yourself.

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