Energy Cords: Why You Can’t Get That Man/Woman Out of Your Head?

Arnold kept thinking of his ex-girlfriend, Mary, everyday for six months. It seemed that he had gotten over her, but then he kept thinking about her again and again. He didn’t know it but he had an energy cord in his aura connecting him to Mary.

Energy cords are lines of energy that link one person to another, often connecting the energy centers or chakras. Cords get created when there is unfinished communication or for a purpose of giving or receiving energy. A cord can have three functions: one to receive energy, one to send energy, and one to both send and receive energy. Some cords naturally disintegrate when the conversation is finished. Those are the cords that we don’t need to be concerned over. It’s the cords that linger that can cause problems.

Beth was a manager a software company. She had many employees needing her help on a project they were working on. The employees created cords to her crown chakra her third chakra. The purpose of the cords in the crown chakra was to siphon information for the project. The cords in the third chakra were cords to demand Beth’s attention. None of this would have been a big problem if the cords were removed a few seconds after they were created. Beth went home and still felt like she was at work. She even could “hear” chatter in her head when she closed her eyes. She constantly felt drained and did not know why. The energy cords in the chakras were literally draining her. At the institute, Beth learned psychic tools to gently remove the cords after the days’ work. She also learned that she had thoughts in her aura and consciousness that allowed for people to cord into her. She started to remove the thoughts. Thoughts are real and can act as a doorway for energy cords. She wanted to be available and helpful to her employees, just like when she was the oldest child while growing up, she wanted to be available and helpful to the younger children. Through the use of some spiritual tools, she learned that she could still be supportive in the work environment without taking on other people’s energy.

Cords have different meaning when they connect into different chakras. A cord going into your first chakra from another person usually means that they need some information on surviving. They could want money, food, or security from you. Small children receive survival information from their parents or whoever takes care of them. If this cord is severed, then the child is unsettled. The cord later is naturally removed when the child becomes self-sufficient and manufactures his or her own survival information.

Cords connecting the second chakra to second chakra in two people usually relates to attraction. A man or woman will send a line of energy into the second chakra if he or she is interested in the other person. I once saw a married woman who experienced energy cords into her second chakra from single men. Flirtatious co-workers and grocery store workers turned her on. She did not want these cords in her second chakra because she wanted to remain faithful to her husband. She realized that she had thoughts and pictures stored in her aura from earlier in her life allowing these energy connections into her.

When she was 16, she was quite homely and could not get a date to the prom while her two older sisters were beautiful. Later on she blossomed into an attractive woman and now she was inundated with energy cords. She removed the thought and was able to keep others’ cords from going into her chakras.

It is fascinating to realize how much energy affects people. What you cannot see can affect you. Often a physical problem can have an energetic cause. I once read a lady who had back pain. Clairvoyantly I saw an energy cord going into the posterior of her aura from her brother. Her brother was going through a period in his life where he was experiencing fear and uncertainty because he had been laid off from his job. He had an energetic habit of attaching his energy to his older sister when he had been afraid as a child. Now as an adult, he did the same thing. He unconsciously attached a energy cord into his older sister who now lives in another city and siphons some of her energy to help him feel more confident. Meanwhile, his sister can’t understand why she suddenly doesn’t feel as energized as usual. She started to feel drain and even had to have extra sleep for no apparent reason.

To a clairvoyant reader, it is clear what is happening. A clairvoyant reader who knows how to use psychic tools can give this woman a healing and remove the energetic cord so she will feel energized again. What is even better, is that this woman can take a class and learn how to heal herself so she can be self sufficient and not need to go to the reader when she feels drained.

In conclusion, I have assembled a few telltale signs to know if you have cords in your aura:

  1. You feel tired for no reason.
  2. You continually think about someone even after they are not around.
  3. You have a small rash in a circular pattern over your heart or on your neck.

Remember, cords can’t permeate your aura unless you have a picture or doorway to allow it to happen.

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