What Does Your Aura Reveal About You?

The aura, an energy field extending about two feet around the body, has been referred to as “the window to one’s soul.”  All living things, including animals and plants, have an aura made of energy. This energy radiates from the cells and the chakras, which are referred to as “energy centers.”  This energy produces color vibration.

Sometimes you can actually see a glowing color around a person’s body. At a metaphysical church where I once worked, I often could see a golden light around the body of a teacher after she completed a meditation.

The coloring, shape, and size of the aura can tell many things about a person’s personality, disposition, and thoughts. If there are multiple bright colors in the aura, then it shows that the individual has many interests. If there are only two colors in the aura, then often the person is focused on only two aspects in his life.

If you are constantly thinking about the future, your aura will extend out in front of you, and become thinner behind you. If you are often thinking about the past, for example–recalling your high school or reflecting on your college days, your aura will extend behind you. There is a tendency for certain cultures to tend to hold their aura in a particular position. Here in the United States, our auras tend to be greatly extended in front of us–showing that our focus is on the future and what’s going to happen next. In certain parts of Southern Europe, the aura of the older generation tends to extend behind them–remembering a better time into the past.

The aura reflects your spiritual health, so if you are stressed, angry, are influenced by other’s thoughts, then this condition will be reflected in the aura, as dark colors or bright white. If you are frequently tired, you might be extending your aura out to encompass the whole room. You then pick up energy from others, which lowers your stamina. When a person becomes ill, his or her aura shrinks in size to assist in the healing process. Shrinking the aura helps to ensure that you don’t pick up stray energies.

Energy isn’t good or bad. It’s either yours or not yours. It is as if each person has his or her own brand of fuel or energy. If one put his energy and thoughts into someone else, it might make her feel good for a period of time, but eventually she will not feel good because she is not being herself. Energy works best if you have your own energy in your own aura. Having your own energy in your aura is reflected by vivid or pastel colors.

The positioning and size of the aura is not finite and can change. By receiving an aura healing from a clairvoyant reader can causes the dark colors, holes and tears to get released from the aura, allowing you, the spirit, to heal yourself. Once the spirit heals itself, the body starts to heal itself. Hence the saying, “Heal the spirit and the spirit heals the body.”

You can also learn to heal your own aura. One way of doing this is by learning to read the aura of someone else. When you learn to read someone else’s aura, you start to process your own similar experiences. You might become aware of shared experiences. This is called a “Matching Picture.” Perhaps you fell off of a horse when you were 12 years old and the person you are reading also fell off a horse when they were young, you’ve found a matching picture.

Once you feel as if you have a matching picture with this person, then you can use psychic tools learned in the clairvoyant program to release the matching picture or thought. You free up your energy from this thought and you feel better at the end of the aura reading.

I once hurt my knee in a heated tennis match. Over the next two months, several of the people coming in to see me for readings had various knee problems. I got to look clairvoyantly at each person and see how each was handling his or her knee problem. I was able to release my “matching pictures” and become neutral to my own knee situation. Gaining this neutrality enabled me to heal my knee without surgery just by processing the stuck energy in the limb.

“Can everyone learn to read an aura?” you might ask. Yes, everyone can learn to read an aura. Many people already read auras, but they are not aware that they are doing so. They walk into the office and unknowingly notice that their co-worker has bright green in the second layer (the relationship layer). They just have a gut feeling that the co-worker is excited about someone in her life.

They say, “You look good today.”

The co-worker answers, “I just got engaged over the weekend and I’m so happy.”

This leads to the next question people ask me, “Is there a color scale for an aura?” meaning is there a set distinct meaning for each color. There is no color scale, but there are some universal color definitions.

The best way to give an accurate reading is to go within and come up with your own answer as to what this color means. See if a word or feeling comes to you as you concentrate on that color in their aura. See if a scene appears in your mind’s eye of this person doing a particular activity as you

Ask yourself “What does this color mean? What word or feeling do I get from it?” Don’t just take someone else’s color definition, because then you don’t end up giving an accurate reading with your own information and spiritual gifts.

Over the years, for my own readings, I have notice that the color of lime green often symbolizes change or growth, especially if you have been experiencing a negative situation for your whole life or a long time and it has just been relieved or solved.

Red can mean enthusiasm, female energy, anger or the person’s mother, but again it is best to go within and ask your inner voice silently to get the most accurate description to what the colors mean.

There are seven main layers of the aura that correspond with the main energy centers in the body.

Layer number one is next to the body. Layer number two is a few inches out from the body is further away, and so on, until you reach the seventh layer which is furthest away from the body.

Here is a guideline to the layers to help you get started in reading:

  • The first layer usually relates to the body and environment, and often reflects your health.
  • The second layer relates to emotions or love-relationships.
  • The third layer relates to power and is often expressed in the seeker’s work or career.
  • The fourth is the body-being layer, and often shows your relationship to your birth family.
  • The fifth layer would be the communication layer, conveying whether or not you have ease or frustration in your ability to communicate to others.
  • The sixth layer shows how they see the world, and their outlook.
  • The seventh or outermost layer and is a sign you show the world. One might display colors communicating, “I’m happy. I’m sad. I’m capable. I’m scared. I’m intelligent.”

Here is an additional step to read someone else’s aura. It helps to close your eyes to help you tune into your sixth chakra and inner voice in the center of your head.

Ask yourself silently what color is the first layer of your friend sitting next to you? Listen internally for the answer. Let the first color that comes to you be the correct answer. Do not second guess or doubt your answer.

Now, ask yourself what does this color in her first layer tell you about her? (Again, the first layer relates to the body and the environment.) See if you get a sense or feeling or a word comes to you that describe this person’s body or environment. Asking your self silent questions aids in reading. What word, feeling, or image did you receive about this person?

Congratulations! You have now taken your first step towards being a clairvoyant reader.

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