When Will I Meet My Soulmate?

Are There Really Soulmates?

Often as I give a clairvoyant reading, I am asked, “When am I going to meet my soulmate?” The timing of a future relationship can be read in a person’s aura. The way I read this is by first looking at the seeker’s aura as a color. Then I slide his or her energy along an imaginary timeline and I see if there is a change of color over a particular month or year, as I silently ask myself this question. If there is a change, then good news–this person will meet a romantic match. If there is not a change, and his or her energy goes along a timeline far into the future and off the timeline, then bad news–given his or her current activity schedule and energy, he or she is not on a path to meet a mate.

Don’t worry–a future prediction is not always set in stone. You can change your future based on your thoughts and actions. This means that if meeting your mate is not on your direct path, you need to change your path and actions. Perhaps your soulmate lives on the other side of town and does not work at the same location as you, nor does he or she shop at the same stores. You must increase your chances of meeting your soulmate by altering your current spiritual path by joining a singles book club, church group, the Sierra Club singles, or post your personal ad online.

One example of this situation occurred when I gave a clairvoyant reading to a woman, Sarah, (not her real name). Sarah asked me the question,

“When will I meet my tall, dark, handsome man?” Clairvoyantly I moved her energy slowly along a timeline for her future life. After seven years, there still was not a change in the vibration or color of her future, meaning that she would not meet her man within that time.

I told her “Given your current path, you will not meet him in the next seven years unless you change your path.”

The room was silent, then Sarah spoke, “You mean that I can’t just continue to go to work, the ladies’ gym and to the same grocery store to meet my match?”

“That’s right,” I replied. Sarah decided to adjust her schedule to include going to places that she did not normally frequent. She also joined some clubs and engaged in some social activities. As a result, she was able to speed up her path and meet her new beau, Mark.

Next comes the question of soulmates. I have read many people who asked me if they have a soulmate. I almost always see that people have more than one soulmate or spiritual lifetime partner to choose from who will help them complete their growth here on earth. I have seen up to twelve soulmates for one person. This doesn’t mean that you have to have a serious love-relationship with 12 people! It merely means that you have many choices. Some people can choose the soulmate that they want to spend their life with. A soulmate will help you complete your growth here on earth by providing an energetic agreement. Many people who help us grow will not be romantic partners, but instead, will be your siblings, parents or teachers.

Soulmate can also be a spirit that was once united with you. You have split and become separate. Having a life together completes you and your mate. We are all of the same source, spirit, or a part of God. In a sense, we are all soulmates with each other. We are one, yet striving to find our own separate identity and unique vibration to become “pure of heart”. Once we achieve this vibration, then we have truly reached enlightenment.

Will you be ready to meet your soulmate once you have changed your current schedule, path and actions? Not only do you need to physically change your path, but you need to spiritually change as well. The more “whole” you are spiritually, the easier it is to find your match.

The final question is, “How do you become whole as a spirit, and prepare yourself to be a great partner to your new mate?”

The answer: Clear your stuck thoughts and negative energies from your inner essence. Begin now to learn psychic tools to change energy and thought patterns in your electromagnetic field. Finding a clairvoyant teacher to help you facilitate your growth can help you to start to resonate at your highest vibration. This will make fewer obstacles on your path towards love and will help you to attract your true companion.

-Vessa Rinehart-Phillips

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