Spirituality Versus Materialism: Can You Copy the Energy of the Rich and Become Wealthy?

(Taken from Vessa Rinehart’s new book “Why the Rich Are Rich”)

At one time however, I was downright poor, living on a food allowance of $8.00 per week, but now my business and professional career are thriving. I started to think about how my previously dismal situation had changed to a life of prosperity.

After receiving my certification as a clairvoyant, healer and a member of the clergy in a metaphysical non-denominational Christian church in the San Francisco Bay Area, I found that many of the hundreds of students I served and ministered to live below the poverty line. Possessions as basic as a car, a safe residence, being out of debt, were difficult for these spiritual people.

In my spiritual training, I learned some life-changing universal truths. I started to know myself more than I thought was possible, and I mastered techniques to apply psychic tools to help govern my own life. Some of the concepts I studied were methods to protect myself from picking up energy and thoughts from others and how to keep my own life force around me. I also learned how to protect myself psychically from others. I explored how to read people and know what ideas were stored in their auras–the two-foot space around them encompassing their bodies.

One day as I counseled a penniless member of the church who told me that he was about to file bankruptcy, I pondered the questions, “Why are so many of these spiritual people poor?“

I offered a clairvoyant reading to as many people as I could, viewing their ability to create what they wanted. I gave free sessions to anyone who wanted spiritual insight to his or her prosperity. The metaphysical center attracted many different types of people, and I had dozens of people come to me– from the impoverished to the multimillionaire, and I began to see the energetic differences between the two groups of members. I narrowed down and categorized the differences between the rich and poor into seven categories. I soon found that if I, myself, copied the words, behaviors, and energy traits of the rich, good things started happening to me, including an increase in my own abundance, and in addition, money flowed toward me. When I felt that I had found the answers, I narrowed them down into seven secrets to yield what the universe had to offer.

Now I’m able to teach my clairvoyant students ways to increase their prosperity and copy the energy of the rich to become rich, as well as have prosperity for myself.

Imagine merely replicating the energy and thought patterns of an affluent person and becoming rich your self. Matching another’s energy is easier than you can imagine, because life force energy is neutral and will create anything that the mind focuses on. In the Abundance and Prosperity Workshops, countless people have turned their lives around from an existence of desperation to having a plethora of good fortune. By practicing clairvoyant tools, changing the way you think, and putting the concepts into practice, your life will change too.

Now, let’s explore one of the seven main secrets then put them into effect, so you can alter your thoughts, energy, and outcome of your creations. The rest of the secrets are written in my book, “Why the Rich Are Rich.”

When I give a clairvoyant reading, the number one difference that I see between a person who has abundance, and a poor person is that an abundant person has the ability to form a picture–a detailed picture, in his mind of whatever he desires. Rich people can see an image, focus on it long enough for their energy to go through the mental photograph, and manifest it. This may sound too basic and simple, but there are millions of people who do not have the correct thought process to get rich–namely by holding a positive image in the mind long enough for energy to go through it.

The man who built the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, Joseph Strauss, for example, pictured every part of the bridge– the nuts and bolts, and the way it would work, long before the blueprints were drawn. Once the blueprints, mock ups, and funding were there, the construction began. Strauss had the whole picture in his head before he started the process.

Your life force energy is extremely powerful. Energy has the same characteristics as a ray of light passing through a filter that manifests the outcome, similar to an overhead projector which illuminates crisp transparency. The sharper the image that the beam passes through, the clearer the projection. The thoughts in your mind act as your filters, so if your thoughts are distinct, then the end product is also specific.

Energy >>> Thought >>> Outcome

Society has taught us that thoughts happen, and then disappear, but in truth, thoughts are real things occupying space. Thoughts can live in a site, stay in a room, in one’s aura, or on a street corner. Have you ever known of a restaurant that failed, and then any new companies in the same location also went out of business even though the eatery across the street succeeded? This phenomenon occurs because the spiritual vibration and mental picture of previous occupants still inhabit that locale.

Many times during my career as a clairvoyant, I provided a service called a business healing–in which I went to the enterprise to change the energy from failure to success. One of these appointments involved visiting a Guatemalan clothing and jewelry store. The prior tenants at this site owned a greeting card shop, which had gone out of business. When I closed my eyes while visiting the new store, in my mind’s eye, I could see the former owner holding his head in his hands in despair as he contemplated closing the doors forever. His grief permeated the walls, ceiling and floor of the location. I grounded* and released the stuck emotions from the edges of the building. I also noticed that the current owners set the intention in the store as if it was their home–thinking that it was a comfortable place to be.

This belief was somewhat limiting, and did not allow for other people to come into the entrance being that the shopkeeper, as well as most people, would not invite everyone from the public or anyone who was unfamiliar – into their home, hence the doorway was closed from the customers. My students and I communicated this to the owner. We also created a bright yellow energy, which symbolized the goal of abundance into the location, to the proprietor and the employees. The next day after the healing, we received a phone call reporting that the company incurred record sales.

Once, during a healing on a flower shop, I intuitively read the feeling of dread from the previous florist, who wanted desperately to leave the floral market. He sold the shop to my client, Terry, who in all her enthusiasm, hard work, and long hours could not understand why this new venture was not profitable. After clearing the negative pictures, she was quickly able to turn the business around to a lucrative endeavor

How the Poor Think

We have already learned that the rich hold a picture in their mind’s eye long enough for their energy to create it. The poor on the other hand, send so many conflicting signals to the brain, that it is impossible for the psyche to distinguish which image to manifest. Usually the idea starts out as a positive concept for a split second followed by a string of negative thoughts.

Also, the impoverished intellect often dispatches distorted and fragmented thoughts. These indistinguishable concepts confuse the spiritual part of the person making it difficult to generate exactly what the creator desires, therefore, the originator ends up with an undesired outcome.

Stan, (not his real name), who was essentially homeless and ended up sleeping on various friends’ couches for several years came to the abundance workshop and received a clairvoyant reading from me. During the session, I asked Stan to envision a car. As he attempted to form an image of a car in his mind, I psychically did not see any definite impression, strong picture, or a specific depiction of a car. In fact, there was nothing there, just contradictory thoughts and colors.

He said, “I kind of want a car, I think. Maybe I want a car, I don’t know, maybe a blue one. Maybe someone could give it to me, maybe not. I don‘t know if that will happen. I keep having to walk. I wish I didn‘t have to walk. I have to walk everywhere or borrow a bicycle. The other day, I had to ride 17 miles to get to where I wanted to go.”

Stan’s representation of the car was not focused enough. He immediately followed his creation by creating too many conflicting negative images of what could happen for his energy and mind to generate the positive photographic representation. The image of the car was neither distinct, nor did Stan stay focused on the positive image long enough before he started to fill his mind with the negativity of how he did not wish to walk.

Stan also changed the image. This is typical of the poor who often make a blueprint or mock up in their mind’s eye, but they keep changing it every few seconds. A person’s powerful life force energy cannot create the blueprint, unless there is some consistency in the thought process.

The mind becomes confused as to which picture to formulate. An individual must think of a notion and hold it in the brain for a few seconds without thinking of the worst possible scenarios. The brain asks your consciousness, “Should the result be the negative fixation or the fleeting winning idea?”

One can start to change his or her thought process by visualizing the negative imaging disintegrating and replacing it once again with the positive one. It is possible to change your thought process and start to create abundance. I told Stan to go home, and cut out pictures of cars and paste them on a board and look at it everyday. I also asked him to write down a paragraph about what it was like to drive his future car as if it had already happened, and to draw of picture of himself driving the car he wanted.

After much work in changing his thought process, he eventually went on to own a car of his own.

The more concrete your thoughts are, the easier it is for them to manifest. Writing down a paragraph about how you’d like to live your life and then drawing pictures of it, forces the mind to start to focus on the manifestation long enough to create it.

Let’s do an exercise to put this into practice. Write down where you would like to see yourself in five years. Put in the details of it including objects you own, where you live, what are the activities of a typical day in your life.

Now is the time to draw a picture. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any artistic talent. Use stick figures if you must, but see yourself in the picture. This makes your energy create the desired outcome. If the picture is clear, your energy will start to generate it. Happy creating!

– Vessa Rinehart

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