Is It Better to Be Serious or Amused? “Where Are You on the Emotional Piano Scale?”

Creating the music of your soul begins with mastering your “emotional piano scale.” You can set your energy with the intention of vibrating at a particular key. In doing so, your energy will follow your intention, elevating the rest of your consciousness. In other words, if you want to be happy, then pretend you are happy, and your psyche will follow shortly.

The complete vibrational range of the emotional piano scale progresses down from joy to enthusiasm, amusement, neutrality, anger, apathy, and boredom. The bottom end of the scale moves from grief all the way to death.

The magic of human existence is in enthusiasm–in which all obstacles can be overcome. Exercising your enthusiasm motivates man to get over whatever obstacles there are. Emotionally healthy children have a inherent exuberance and enthusiasm. In the Bible, it says, “To enter into the kingdom of Heaven, come as a little child.” So when you demonstrate enthusiasm, you are naturally becoming more spiritual and closer to Heaven on Earth.

When you are at the very top of the emotional range, you often will experience joy–the space where you see the positive in life and feel the harmony it brings. It is an overall sensation that you are just joyous and don’t necessarily have to have a reason to have joy; you just are “in joy.” Animals, too can experience joy. Last week, some birds were playing in the sprinkler out in the yard, singing and swooping in a joyous manner.

Amusement is a spiritual tool of thinking that life is funny. A sense of humor can save you from a horrendous emotional downfall. If you are able to laugh at yourself, then you are able to separate from your thoughts and creations to realize that what you think and what you create is not you, the spirit. Laughter changes the magnetic charge in the aura, so pain or punishment bounce off your energy field. For example, if an adversary is angry at you, and you are simply amused about it, then his anger cannot control you.

Neutrality is seeing both sides of a dichotomy. It is different from apathy, because with neutrality there is no judgment, and you understanding both ends. You have the power to see viewpoints but not take a side. A psychic reader trained to use neutrality in his spiritual counselings, can read without judgment why a person is creating her life in a certain way. In saying hello to the soul, a reader can suddenly understand why the seeker has chosen that path.

Anger is a higher energy vibration than boredom or grief, because anger can be a motivation. When you are angry, the anger can create movement of the stuck energy and thoughts stored in the aura. You then leave apathy, boredom and grief behind.

On this emotional scale, death is defined as no movement. The effortless growth of the aura ceases, and no new thoughts come into the mind. The colors of the energy field become dark, and the spirit leaves the body.

So, where do you want to be on the emotional piano scale? The world is waiting for your song.
-Vessa Rinehart

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